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About Henry's Software

I've been building desktop and website application for more than 21 years now. I created HS Codebank to share programming code and projects. Please fill free to try it out.

Short History of Projects:

Back in 2002 I started learning VB.Net so I could build some desktop applications for the company I worked for. At first, it was just a small log program and a very simple website in HTML/CSS. After a few years I began to improve on these applications based on the research and knowledge I had gained. I Built several other applications over the next few years; one was a program to query a database to generate reports and I also added the ability for customers to log to our website.

In 2010, I started building a new SCADA system to control the flow of water through a 250-mile-long canal system. The first thing I had to do was write the code for the RTU’s which is a small computer at each location on the canal system then I started writing the code for the SCADA system itself, about 30,000 lines of code later and a lot of tweaks and improvements I was finished. I also had to create a database to store historical information and configuration settings for each location.

In 2016 the company I work for had an AR system that was built back in the 90’s, and now it was time to upgrade. I started building a new AR system to print statements, accept customers payments, and manage property information for about 8500 parcels of land. It took about a year and a half to complete the project and another six months of tweaks and improvements.

In conclusion, I have since built multiple applications and websites, some of which can be found here for you to try.

Programming Languages:

C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java/Android, Structured Text, Function Block, Ladder Logic, ICL RTUs, and Learning PHP.

Programming IDEs & Editors:

Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, UEStudio, Notepade++, ISaGRAF, ICL RTUs, RemoteConnect, and PHPStorm.

Project Links

SCADA/Automation system for a 250-mile canal system, Equipment service program, Windows backup program, www.pvid.org, Dailywordz, henrys-software.com, www.hscodebank.com, and more

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