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Add a new item to an array, it can be inserted with the help of array_splice() a function of PHP.

Author: Admin 09/09/2023
Language: PHP
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This function removes a portion of an array and replaces it with something else. If offset and length are such that nothing is removed, then the elements from the replacement array are inserted in the place specified by the offset.



array array_splice ($input, $offset [, $length [, $replacement]])

Parameters: This function takes four parameters out of which 2 are mandatory and 2 are optional:

  • $input: This parameter takes the value of an array on which operations are needed to perform.
  • $offset: If this parameter is positive then the start of removed portion is at that position from the beginning of the input array and if this parameter is negative then it starts that far from the end of the input array.
  • $length: (optional) If this parameter is omitted then it removes everything from offset to the end of the array.
    • If length is specified and is positive, then that many elements will be removed.
    • If length is specified and is negative then the end of the removed portion will be that many elements from the end of the array.
    • If length is specified and is zero, no elements will be removed.
  • $replacement: (optional) This parameter is an optional parameter which takes value as an array and if this replacement array is specified, then the removed elements are replaced with elements from this replacement array.
//Original Array on which operations is to be perform
$original_array = array( '1', '2', '3', '4', '5' );
echo 'Original array : ';
foreach ($original_array as $x)
echo "$x ";
echo "\n";
//value of new item
$inserted_value = '11';
//value of position at which insertion is to be done
$position = 2;
//array_splice() function
array_splice( $original_array, $position, 0, $inserted_value );
echo "After inserting 11 in the array is : ";
foreach ($original_array as $x)
echo "$x ";
Original array : 1 2 3 4 5 
After inserting 11 in the array is : 1 2 11 3 4 5

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